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Decoration and interior design in France, England, UK, US, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Oman...

 Welcome to the website of “Design United”.

Its specialization : interior design, relooking, home staging, coaching and advice for to give a new look to your home, apartment, store, restaurant, business premises, etc ...

Its creator, Jackie MAROUF, adds a personal touch to each of her creations and you benefit from his advice, deco and achievements ideas.
Her vocation was born from a passion for decorating and interior design has permitted her to get into this business area where competition is fierce and be able to stand out in order to impose her style and make a name.

The highlight of “Design United” is its mobility and its scope. Indeed, we operate internationally.

Travel and hotel costs will be deducted from your final estimate if we work together.

You can get more information and contact us via the contact form.


Interior designer

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