Decoration, relooking, makeover...

You wish to change the inside of your home, your apartment, your store, etc ...

We advise you and assist you in creating a decorative atmosphere to suit your likes.
Harmonize, attract the sight and attention, awaken the senses, creating a setting for your well-being!

That is the key to feel good in an inside where is a better place to live in.
The optimization of the room is very important in the restructuring of your home.

The space saving is essential, we help you to find the best way to fit the different parts of your home. Locations, "corners" of your interior are untapped and lost, we study together the best way to take advantage of all these spaces and functional realize.

The lighting is the key. It allows you to vary the atmosphere of your decoration.

We help you to find the good shade to create a warm environment in your home.
First of all, we can meet and make an inventory of the parts you want to makeover.

We share all the ideas that will help to enrich your project and bring it to life.
We make an overview :

• decorating style that fits you best
• furniture and objects that you want to keep
• walls to repaint or wallpaper
• floors to keep or change
• purchases for the realization of your project
• the total cost of the makeover, approaching your

Once your decision is made, we start the makeover and decorating of your inside home. As the work progresses, you dive in your future interior.