Prices in Paris, Internationally


Our prices are fixed so as to be competitive.

We make an inventory of the decoration of your house, apartment, office, shop, restaurant, etc ... Then, together we find solutions and tips to put your interior in terms of furniture, paint, lighting, objects decorative, etc ...

We recommend the best to bring us closer to the maximum of your desires and your budget. Following this appointment, we send you a detailed estimate.

* 1st appointment : € 89 (110 $) for 1 hour package which includes advice and displacement, and the written summary of the visit.
 the amount will be decreasing beyond 1 hour, 2 hours = 150 € (175 $), 60€ (70 $) extra time.


After confirmation of the estimate, the decoration project is implemented :

Together, we define the style of your new decor (design, modern, contemporary, country spirit, cottage, classic, oriental, etc ...)

We search the chosen furniture for your home (shopping coach)

We develop plans together implantations (Sketch)

We are present to monitor speakers (painter, carpenter, tiler, etc ...)

A possible visit to an artisan can be programmed to help assess your project (feasibility, time, price)


Complete study of your decorating project : (advice deco and accompaniment)

Including accurate record in terms of part sizes, materials research, furniture, lighting, bathrooms, decorative, etc ...

Estimate the work and procurement, project presentation and samples of flooring, tiles, etc ...


-For a surface area of less than 50 m2: the package with complement study is € 400 (460 $)

-For a surface area between 50 and 150 m2: the package with complement study is € 500 (580 $)

-For a surface area between 150 and 300 m2: the package with complement study is € 600 (680 $)

In addition, please contact us.

We can take care of the study and monitoring of artisans, the cost will be 10% of the budget excluding the artisan, the amount of remaining craftsman's work at your expense.



we support you in the stores of supermarkets or specialty stores:

- € 110 (125 $) half day (9am to 12pm)

- € 200 (230 $) a day (from 9am to 12pm and from 1:30 p.m. to 17h)



An appointment of two hours is expected to your home for a diagnosis of your property. We give you advice and recommendations that will enable you to develop immediately.

For a day of production of home staging :

For a property of : -  100 m² (per square meter) = 400 € (450 $)
                               : + 100 m² (per square meter) = 500 € (570 $)

Extra day: € 300 (330 $)

This day includes making light work of development, the makeover of your main room: painting, deco small (candles, lamps, etc ...), we have handpicked and defines together.

We give you a complete record of what has been seen together, we help you realize your project and support you in your work.

Materials and other purchases remain the owner.

* Sample cost: for property in the amount of € 150,000 (165,000,$), the usually applied tariff is 0.5% or € 750 (825 $) in our case, our package is € 550 (605 $) which represents 0.36% € 150,000.